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Title: Однокласники

Online Since: 03-Nov-1998

Category: Інтернет-спільноти/Соціальні мережі

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Location: +7 095 2504629, Fax: +7 095 2515702

Cloud Hosting Provider: Amazon Web Services

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Avg. Time on Site Internet and Telecom > Web Hosting2.855 Internet and Telecom > Web Hosting6.771 Internet and Telecom > Web Hosting5.266 Internet and Telecom > Web Hosting2.662 Internet and Telecom > Web Hosting4.572 Internet and Telecom > Web Hosting1.254 Internet and Telecom > Web Hosting3.684 Internet and Telecom > Web Hosting3.318 Internet and Telecom > Web Hosting7.292 Internet and Telecom > Web Hosting3.607 Traffic Analysis

Time Period Rank Reach Pageviews Pages Per User
3 Months441,930,000,000 users1,019,000,0002.24
1 Months501,851,000,000 users959,000,0002.22
7 Days541,824,000,000 users939,400,0002.2
1 Days511,940,000,000 users1,030,000,0002.19

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